Editing and Beta Reading Services

Why should you hire me?

I give honest feedback and am not afraid to say things that you don’t want to hear. I will be honest, I will tell you what I like and dislike, what worked and what didn’t. I will tell you if I like your characters, if I think their development needs more work. I like to pride myself in thinking that I can determine whether or not a book will be a good hit in the reading community due to my years of being an obsessive reader and my love for sharing what I think. I am also an English Writing major with five semesters of Advanced Creative Writing under my belt and we routinely comment and discuss student submissions during workshop. If that isn’t enough to bring you my way, I am also one of the head editors for my school’s literary magazine, Colors. I am in charge of deciding what submissions go into our final copy as well as contacting the authors and providing constructive feedback for them to better their works before publication. Lastly, I also spent a year working as a copy editor at the local paper.

Editing – 

Copy Editing and Proofreading: 

I will read through a manuscript, essay, short story, etc. for basic grammatical, spelling, or other writing mistakes. I will also focus on the overall flow of a piece and continuity of style and facts.

Rates: Between $2.00 – $5.00 a page or $20.00 an hour

Development/Content and Critique:

In developmental and content editing, I will focus on punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, flow, style, and structure. In the case of fiction, I’ll review plot structure, dialogue, characterization, handling of POV, and pacing. This will come in the form of comments throughout your work and a write up of my thoughts after I have finished the read through.

Rates: $7.00 a page or $35.00 an hour

Formats of your manuscript I will accept:

  • Google Document
  • Word Document
  • Hard copy – we can discuss individual shipping


Beta Reading –


What to expect from my feedback:

I will:

  • Read your manuscript and analyze it with the mindset of someone who loves books and wants to see yours succeed
  • Provide constructive criticism and explain my opinions
  • Provide a summary on my thoughts of the book as a whole, as well as dissect it into smaller parts
  • Finish on your manuscript and give you feedback on time if you give me a deadline
  • Provide specific examples from your text when explaining why I feel a certain way about something

I will not:

  • Make my comments public or share your manuscript with anyone
  • Sugarcoat my words to make whatever I have to say more bearable, I will be honest – no matter how brutal
  • Proofread for you, though I might comment on grammatical structure if it distracts me from reading

I do not charge for a simple beta reading service. 

Formats of your manuscript I will accept:

  • Google Document
  • Word Document
  • Kindle files (Mobi)

If you wish to hire me for either of the above, please contact me using the form on my Contact page. If I do not respond to you within 24 hours, please feel free to send a second email.