How I Met Brooding Young Adult Hero

BroodingYAHero is swoonworthy, simple as that. He’s delicious, his [insert random jewel tone] hues swirl, whirl, and broil with all of those hidden emotions we think exist because of subtext and not actual canon. You might meet him by making accidental eye contact in the cafeteria, or maybe he’ll run into you when you’re late for class and knock the books from your hand. Perhaps he saves your life in the woods from an unknown evil you don’t find out about until book three. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re soul mates who meet when you realize you’ve let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

Perhaps you find someone who wants to be everything but can’t, because plot.

Maybe it’s the subtle scary (not really, he’s actually threatening and emotionally abusive) supernatural creature

Maybe it’s the sensitive martyr who is willing to sacrifice himself because he loves you so damn much


I found this gem:

How you may ask? How in the world did I stumble into the wondrous, dazzling, possibly sparkling, perfection that is BroodingYAHero?

Because I love twitter stalking people

One glorious day, I was doing my usual scroll through, and BAM! My breath was knocked out of my chest and I found myself staring helplessly into molten chocolate hues with delectably full brows furrowed over them. It was love at first sight and I’ve been following ever since.


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