Snippet Sunday

It’s that time of the week again you lovely folks. It’s Sunday! Which, as all of you well know by now, means it’s time for Snippet Sunday!

Snippet Sunday

How to participate in Snippet Sunday:

  • You share a snippet of your current work in progress or whatever else you are working on. A scene, dialogue, a whole chapter, a poem – anything goes. 
  • Link your Snippet Sunday back here, and we can watch the world burn in our amazingness together
  • Ta da! Snippet Sunday complete

Today I’ve transformed a bookstagram sensation into an actual poem. MuaHAHAHAHA! I give you, Book Spine Poetry!

These vicious masks lament

scars into the dim. Soundless.

The girl from everywhere tells

the wind and fire her inheritance

of ashes. Illuminating dangerous lies,

the thirteen reasons why.

A ballad enthralled, along for the ride.

“We’ll never be apart,” the way back

from broken forgets tomorrow.

This lullaby needs someone

like you. The forgetting of

the girl with the wrong name

sweeps velvet undercover

of a thousand nights and frostfire.

Wolf by wolf, a step towards

falling into the raging sea

after the woods.

This is not a test. The masked

truth is a wonderful death.


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