Snippet Sunday

Hey there all you fellow book lovers!

Today is a very special day, at least in my eyes. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m posting on a Sunday. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY! For those of you who picked up on that, and the title of my post, gold star for you.

Today is a special day because it is the birthday of my new, original feature/meme post: Snippet Sunday.

Snippet Sunday

I, the dork who is queen of this blog, am now officially hosting a weekly feature I hope all of you will soon, someday over the rainbow (that’s how that goes, right?) participate in.

The idea is simple: 

  • You share a snippet of your current work in progress or whatever else you are working on. A scene, dialogue, a whole chapter, a poem – anything goes. 
  • Link your Snippet Sunday back here, and we can watch the world burn in our amazingness together
  • Ta da! Snippet Sunday complete

To kick this baby off, I am going to share one of my poems I did for Advanced Creative Writing with all of you. Like I said – poems, scenes, chapters – anything goes. So… without further ado here is my Snippet Sunday!

What if I never love again?

Remembering. The smooth glide,

friction, skin against skin. Taste of

mint wax and Jack on my

tongue. Never forgetting.

What if I never love again?

Time wasted. Looking effortless.

Waiting for hours. Endless

burns crafted from blazing

iron. Weakened scarlet

swirling – fashioned by

biting blades and nervous hands.

What if I never love again?

The growl of syllables,

by name, clawing its way

from your throat – lost. A moan

floating through the air, born of your hands –

a memory.

What if I never love again?

Pointless. Pointless fights,

a missing remote or

stolen containers. Hair ties

left on counters, toilet

seats unattended. Pain

forgotten. Useless.

What if I never love again?

Your hands, no longer on my

skin. Your voice, no longer in

my head. Repeated sounds,

meaningless words. “I

love you.” A lie. Poison –

like you.

                   What if I never love again?

So… what do you think? Horrible? Worthy of the internet? Let me know down in the comments below. Oh! Don’t forget to tag your’s in the comments as well if you decide to do it. This will become a weekly thing on my part, so stay tuned for more.


28 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday

  1. Sam, Sunday Snippets sounds amazing! I plan on participating, for sure! I actually have a poem that I halfheartedly started awhile back that’s been on my mind lately. I think I’ll try to work on it today. I also have a few WIP that I could share, as well.

    I love your poem, by the way! I love the repetition of “What if I never love again?” This really emphasizes the loneliness and despair of your character. It also shows her desperation. Nicely done!:)

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    • You totally should!

      I really want it to get out there more. I plan on it becoming an actual thing, YAY! haha.

      I would love to see your poetry or current WIP, that’s the whole point of this. I figured if I gave people a reason to share or work on their WIP, they might actually do it. I also plan on doing this to keep myself writing on a weekly basis – so there is that bonus.

      Thank you so much! ❤ I think I'll put up a small scene from the short story I'm currently working on for next week's Snippet Sunday. *Fingers crossed*

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      • I will certainly do my best to post at least one WIP excerpt. I’m looking forward to working on my poem. I reblogged this in the hopes of attracting more potential participants. There are a lot of great writers out there, and our voices need to be heard, IMO.

        It is the whole point, indeed. I would like to try to post something every Sunday. I love the way you think!

        You’re very welcome. I really cannot express how excited I am about Sunday Snippets!

        Happy reading and writing!


      • Hi, it’s me again.:)

        I ended up finishing the first draft of my poem yesterday, but I was wondering if the excerpts that we share here were exclusive, or if we’re free to publish our work in its entirety on our blog or wherever. Perhaps this is a silly question, but I had to ask.


      • Okay, awesome! I always find it better to check before doing something, especially as some people are particular about a writer’s work being in more than one place, you know? I realize that you’re not a publishing house or anything (but hey, Sam’s Publishing has a nice ring to it, no?) but you know how some people get..


  2. Yay for the weekly feature!! I wish you could insert gifs into the comments.Loved the poem certainly an excellent way to kick off this new weekly feature. I love the idea behind it and really want to participate. Hopefully, if I remember and have something ready, I’ll be able to participate next Sunday. I’m really looking forward to reading what you post this week.

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    • Thank you so much! I hope you can participate, it certainly is fun.

      It’s okay if you don’t remember 💞 I recommend writing it down in a schedule.

      This week will be another poem, in really excited. I just wrote it and I love it 😍

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