Fandom of the Month Club: December 2015

Guess what guys?

It’s the end of the month, and that means Fandom of the Month Club boxes are arriving in the mail!

It is a basic subscription service: every month they send you something. But, Fandom of the Month is entirely centered around Fandoms (The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, etc.). You can sign up and check them out here: Fandom of the Month Club.

GUUUYYYSSS!! This month… this month, holy crap the force is strong with this month. See what I did there? Do you see what I just did? That’s right people… this month’s theme is:



I love Star Wars…. love it, love it, love it! This is not a trap, it’s quite real.


Okay, so, you all know the drill. LOOK AT MY PRECIOUS! Look at it… look at it!



The post card this month is awesome, I mean, it’s got the freaken Death Star on it.



Then we get this adorable Chewbacca magnet, and it’s just ugh! It’s so cute! (But I also really love Chewie)



Then we also have the amazing bag these things come in. R2D2!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! *flails*


Now we’re getting down to the good stuff… the jewelry…

First things first, there is this amazing bracelet. It, obviously, says “May the force be with you.” Therefore, I shall wear it for all eternity.


Next we have a necklace with, you guessed it, C3P0 and R2D2 *cue more squeals* These are the droids I am looking for, I promise you that.


Annnnd last but not least, LIGHTSABER EARRINGS! Holy crap, I absolutely love these things. Also, check out my cookie cutter’s skills. Badass, am I right or am I right?

Star Wars is bae and always will be bae. I grew up watching the original film, was weeping for humanity through the prequels, and have recently had my heart torn out by The Force Awakens – these movies and this universe is something I will always cherish, same as the jewelry.


Life is good.


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