Fandom of the Month Club: November 2015

Guess what guys?

Itโ€™s the end of the month, and that means Fandom of the Month Club boxes are arriving in the mail!

It is a basic subscription service: every month they send you something. But, Fandom of the Month is entirely centered around Fandoms (The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, etc.). You can sign up and check them out here: Fandom of the Month Club.

This is a very special month, folks! This month’s box was a celebration of Fandom of the Month Club’s one year anniversary. That’s right, this month was the one year anniversary of this amazing fandom enthusiast’s service to all of us hopeless fangirls/fanboys.

Because of this veerrryyy special event, this month’s box was a little bit different. Instead of just getting jewelry centered around one specific fandom, we were given five – that’s right FIVE – goodies and each one is from a different fandom. So, if you missed any previous boxes, etc., you had the chance of getting some highly coveted thingymabobs.

The box is so friggen cute! It kills me every time, I swear. Plus, I just love things with owls on them (ask my mother).


Hand painted bag, box, magnet, and the postcard

The magnet this month… oh mah goodness. I love this so much! It’s a little bit of everything, which I guess was the purpose of this box – but still. It gave me the fangirl shivers.

Then we’ve got the bag, also adorable. I love the little owl… I mean, LOOK AT IT! It’s all gold, shiny, and cute.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was this very special bookmark included specifically for the anniversary. It’s a golden feather with a bunch of Harry Potter charms, and it’s awesome. (It’s new home is in my current read… it’s glorious.)

Below is possibly my favorite piece out of this box. WE GOT A MOCKINGJAY PIN!! AHHHH… So.. as you all know, Mockingjay Part Two is officially in theaters; meaning that the Hunger Games Movies are officially over. This little key chain made my day. It’s the perfect memorabilia to send this series off and I can’t wait to use it when I get home and actually have a car.

Then we have these little guys, aren’t they cute? This is in the running for my favorite part of this month’s box for one reason: DRAGONS. Yupp… dragons. As you may know, my NaNoWriMo project is about dragons and other amazingness (You can read my post/excerpt here)

Next, we have this glorious Tardis ring. LOOK AT IT! I hope it means I can travel through time and space, too XD

And then, last but not least, we have a “Not Penny’s Boat” necklace from lost. That’s right, you heard me. Lost has officially graced the Fandom of the Month box – and it’s epic.

Well, all in all, this month is freaken awesome. Dragons, Mockingjays, and Tardis… oh my.


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